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Who Dunnit by Marie H. (Tina) Cafeo, Inabelle (Ina) Bott, and E. P. (Manny) Cafeo

Is your community theater, college, or high school looking for a comedy to present? Check out our VHS video tape ofWho Dunnit? a hilarious comedy. This comical murder mystery was professionally filmed at the Crighton Theater in Conroe, Texas where it played to some of the largest crowds in this theater's history for a non-musical production. This play has also been performed at Playhouse 1960 in Houston, Texas to similarly large crowds.

Now internationally known, Who Dunnit? was performed in Japan by the Nagoya Players in July 2001.

Nagoya News
Nagoya Players

Who Dunnit?  is not only a hit with the crowds, but also with the actors. The number and diversity of zany and interesting characters, coupled with the 6 separate endings which may be chosen by the director or the audience, makes this an exciting production.

This play runs about 1 hour and 45 minutes with the performances of 14 exceptional characters. Michael Devous, a husband, ex-husband, father, scientist, philanthropist, businessman, and adulterer is murdered. Practically everyone in his life is a suspect.

Royalties are low, as are the script prices, both fitting most budgets. If you wish to view the video and price sheet, please return the following information. The free VHS video will be sent to you right away.

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ISBN 0-9667395-1-5
Comb binding, 109 pages, paperback book
Price: $10.00 US

Who Dunnit? This book is available for sale through Escape Press.


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