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The Bott Inflecton Point ~ A Parallax View Of the Economy by John P. Bott II

Discover the Baby Boomer's future impact on the U.S. Economy

The Bott Inflection Point is the point at which the aging Baby Boomer gets past his working years and well into his retirement years. This is the point at which he begins to focus on the end of his life finances, rather than the life and performance of his portfolio. Also one should realize that all markets make profits for some of the players, but you must be in the right investments at the right time.

There are infinite possibilities of what could happen in the next seven to ten years that could prevent my Bott Inflection Point from occurring, but I doubt the current government of the United States has the courage or the leadership to initiate the changes needed to avoid the coming disaster, therefore, I believe that I will be proven right.

ISBN 978-1-4787-2099-7
Perfect Binding, 139 pages, hardback book
Price: $24.95 US

Also available in paperback and Kindle Edition

The Bott Inflection Point This book is available for sale through Outskirts Press and


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