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John Bott II

John Bott II

John Bott II has been in the Financial Management business for 38 years. He broadcast on the radio in Houston for 10 years. John co-hosted "Where Wall Street Meets Main Street" on Biz Radio 1320 for several years, as well as "What's Working Now" on Business Radio 1110. On those shows John has interviewed some of the top minds on Wall Street. Among them are Steve Forbes, A. Gary Schilling, Amity Shlaes, Charlie Gasperino, Erin Burnett, Brian Burroughs, Brian Westbury, etc. For 15 years, John has appeared frequently on television on Channel 11 Fox News in Houston and Bloomberg News.

HHe is the author of "The Bott Inflection Point ~ A Parallax View Of the Economy and co-author of the book "Bond Daddy" and has conducted investment seminars for over 20 years. He has worked for many of the top brokerage houses on Wall Street.


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