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Bond Daddy - Co-authored by John P. Bott II and Jason L. Fowell

The lure of fast money pulls Aaron and Jack into a world driven by high-pressure commission sales where morals and ethics take a backseat to big paydays. Best friends since high school, they are hired by a brokerage firm that begins the strict training of each broker before they are licensed. Surviving the firm's grueling interview process, harsh cold-calling, and aggressive tactics, each takes a different path in an attempt to endure the shark infested trading floor.

Aaron's natural aptitude with people gives him quick success, however Jack's first sale eludes him for months, causing marital problems and pushing him to the brink of depression. But as the friends turn into big producers, the firm's partners do more than just take them from the poor house to fancy cars. Aaron and Jack are introduced to a hedonistic lifestyle filled with wild adventures, and seedy relationships riddled with dangerous vices.

Inspired from actual events from a 1970s Houston, Texas boiler room operation, Bond Daddy chronicles the successes and failures of men pushed to their limits, who end up secretly living abroad, wasting away in prison or mysteriously murdered.

ISBN 978-1-4502-1363-9
Perfect Binding, 176 pages, hardback book
Price: $23.95 US

Also available in paperback and Kindle Edition

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