RCA (Phono) Crimp Connectors

Generic "off the shelf" RCA (phono) audio plugs have been in use for over 50 years - but with an impedance characteristic of around 25 ohms, they exhibit extremely poor return loss performance when used with precision 75 ohm cables. Consequently they are really not suitable for higher bit rate digital streams. The new Canare crimpable design not only reduces assembly time, but delivers reliable performance with a usable bandwidth to 200MHz. Assembly is just like a BNC - a BNC style pin crimps onto the centre wire, which then mates into the RCA's centre pin. Currently available for Group Q (RG59 type) and Group Y (SDV-L) cables. See page 35 in the Canford catalogue.

RCA Connector           
RCA Connector                                    Banana Connector
1/8" Phono Connector                          1/4" Phono Connector

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