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Recipes Lost Through Generations ~ A Sampler by Bonney Jo Rousseau

From one generation to the next, recipes that aren't used regularly are often lost or forgotten. When succeeding generations try new ones or turn to processed or semi-prepared foods, they often defer traditional family favorites to special occasions. Due to modern manufacturing techniques, knowledge of creating basic staples is slipping from today's recipe collections.

"When I think about all the wonderful things I may never get to try, I am determined to preserve some of these interesting concoctions for posterity.... " the author writes in her introduction to this unique souvenir. A must-have book.

ISBN 0-9667395-0-7
Comb binding, 112 pages, paperback book
Price: $10.00 US

Recipes Lost Through Generations ~ A Sampler This book is available for sale through Escape Press.


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