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Hatha Yoga for Pregnant Women by Dr. Suzan J. Smith

Join me for a safe, simple, and natural method of preparing for the miracle of childbirth.

This tape is available for sale through or you may order it directly from me. The price, when you order directly from me, is $20 per copy. This price includes shipping and handling.

This tape is recommended by doctors and childbirth instructors.

  • relieve back pain naturally
  • reduce indigestion and nausea
  • strengthen inner thighs and leg muscles
  • increase vitality
  • prepare and stretch pelvic muscles
  • stretch out the muscles and ligaments around the pelvic bone
  • support the body to allow passage of the baby
  • provide breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labor
  • help to establish a sense of self control, and confidence
  • increase energy levels
  • help you resume normal activities

If you would like to learn the stretches, breathing, and relaxation techniques of Hatha Yoga, the following video tape will guide you!

ISBN 0-9667395-6-6
VHS video tape, Running time: 53 minutes
Price: $20.00 US

Hatha Yoga for Pregnant Women This video is available for sale through Escape Press.


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